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Marzù’s new collections stand out in the universe of men’s bow ties by virtue of their elegant lines, based on minimalism. The stylized shapes are not ends in themselves because, in some models, they are combined with the shine of details, which make these men’s bow ties unique in their kind. Each model, from silk to wooden bow ties and their jewel variants, can be viewed on the website. In the Shop collections section, in fact, the customer enters a virtual shop where he can view the chosen men’s bow tie in detail, thanks to clear images and accurate descriptions, both capable of communicating to the customer all the mastery of the Marzù craftsmen.

Duca e Duchessa line: men’s bow ties between tradition and experimentation

Certainly to make a high-end men’s bow tie, the Marzù brand wanted to satisfy the needs of both the most traditionalist customers, for whom the classic silk bow tie represents an irreplaceable non plus, and those who want to go further. We are talking about the Duchessa silk bow tie and the Duca, Gioiello and Nodo Gioiello bow ties. The Duchess men’s bow tie, as already mentioned, is presented in all its simplicity. This feature always conquers new admirers, who have the certainty of having an accessory that can be worn safely on very special occasions. In fact, the Duchessa men’s bow tie is characterized by its classic shape, with points in precious Como silk faille that stretch gently.

man's bow tie silk duchesse
Bow tie man Marzu duchess

A different effect for the Duca Gioiello and Duca Nodo Gioiello silk bow ties: these two models underline the brand’s style, determined to create men’s bow ties that will not leave you indifferent. The Duca Gioiello bow tie expresses its essence thanks to the superposition of silk and Murano glass. Usually used to make something else, Murano glass is used in an unusual way, as an additional decorative element enclosed in fine silk. The Duca Gioiello bow tie is therefore perfect for special ceremonies and gala events.

Duca men’s bow tie is also available in the Nodo Gioiello version, which differs from the previous one by its particular central node. This is in fact made of Murano glass, which captures the attention of the observer, but at the same time also leaves room for the precious silk faille. This is also a silk tuxedo bow tie that can become the characterizing element, in terms of elegance, in the outfit for a special event.

man's bow tie Duca Nodo black
Man’s bow tie Marzù Duca Nodo Gioiello

Limpero line: the exclusive men’s bow tie is only Marzù

Men’s bow ties of Limpero line leave aside the soft silk to make room for another natural material of rare beauty, ebony wood. This essence, carefully worked, owes much of its charm to the intense shade that characterizes it. Limpero wooden bow tie, with a stylized shape, makes sobriety its workhorse. Compared to the models described above, the Limpero men’s bow tie is perfect for lovers of absolute minimalism, sure to make the right choice for their evening dress. A truly unusual and precious tuxedo bow tie. If you prefer a warmer version, Limpero wooden bow tie is also available in an olive wood version.

man's bow tie marzu limpero gioiello
Man’s bow tie Limpero Gioiello

Limpero men’s bow tie becomes an even more precious accessory in its Gioiello version. Like the Duca silk bow tie, Limpero Gioiello combines wood and Murano glass, creating a unique creation of its kind. Unlike the Duca Gioiello model, in which Murano glass rests on silk, in Limpero Gioiello the overlap between the two materials creates voids, from which the white of the shirt is visible.

bow tie limpero gioiello
Man’s bow tie Limpero Gioiello

Cufflinks: accessories that complete an evening dress

Very often it happens that you need to complete the look with an additional accessory, even if small. In the case of an evening dress such as a tuxedo, one cannot help but wear cufflinks. Limpero cufflinks are designed to match all the men’s bow ties of the Marzù brand. They are light points that adorn with refinement and exclusivity, giving stylistic continuity in terms of accessories. The materials with which they are made are Murano glass with gold leaf and full 925 silver for the closing mechanism.

cufflinks wood and Murano's glass
Limpero cufflinks

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