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The exclusive men’s bow tie: the secrets of Marzù craftsmen

Some high-quality materials need to be worked by expert hands, such as those of the master craftsmen selected by Marzù. In fact, for each men’s bow tie, the craftsman dedicates his precious time so that the final result lives up to the client’s expectations. The production philosophy of Marzù includes very high standards of craftsmanship, capable, alone, of guaranteeing the exclusive quality of the processes. We can say that deciding to buy a men’s silk bow tie or a wooden bow tie means relying on a brand that cares about each customer and the demonstration is represented by its unique and inimitable men’s bow ties.

men's bow tie Limpero Gioiello Marzù
Man’s Blow tie Limpero Gioiello

The processing of silk: the men’s bow tie is dressed in a precious fabric

Before being used to make men’s bow ties, Como silk goes through many stages of processing. The Marzù handmade bow tie is such since its origins, when the different materials have not yet been worked and assembled. Silk, natural material obtained from a type of worm, undergoes different types of treatments, each of which is essential in order to guarantee the excellent result of the yarn. The first two phases are fundamental to ensure the tightness of the fabric and only after this step can it be woven. In some cases, to meet the huge international demand, silk is imported from abroad, so the first stage, that of twisting, is skipped to go directly to the second. Only then do we move on to the spinning of the textile product and further undergo further ennobling processes, such as dyeing or printing. In the case of Marzù men’s bow ties, the elegance of the silk faille makes this splendid handmade bow tie valuable in itself.

From the piece of wood to the refined men’s bow tie

men's bow tie wood materials
Man’s blow Tie materials: wood

The uniqueness of our handmade men’s bow ties is real because when there is a master behind in the processing of materials, the unrepeatability of the product is ensured. In particular for the wooden bow ties, the craftsmen cut and work the ebony and olive woods, known for their specific qualities, such as shine and compactness. Each intervention carries an indelible signature on the handmade bow tie, which will be different from all the others, therefore precious. At the end of the processing, when the masters are preparing to finish the product, the men’s bow tie is gently polished with a pure wool cloth, which removes processing residues and impurities. Finally, the hot stamping is the signature with which the Marzù handmade bow tie is sold to the public.

Murano glass: flashes that illuminate the face

men's blow tie Muran glas
Man’s blow tie materials: Muran glass

There is nothing better than Murano glass to give brightness, even better when it comes to handmade men’s bow ties like the Marzù ones. Murano glass succeeds in this aim thanks to the transparency of the material and the preciousness of the gold leaf, inserted by the craftsman in the intermediate phase of the creation of the artefact, to then be covered with a protective glass layer. The gold leaf, as you can guess, is also made by hand: the craftsman beats a gold ingot to create sheets so thin as to be almost transparent. The beauty of Marzù men’s bow ties lies in the small details, such as the gold leaf or the silk collar with adjustable slider, which contribute to making men’s bow ties of jewel accessories in all respects.

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