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The perfect man’s bow tie for your tuxedo: the Marzù website is finally online

In view of a ceremony or social event, there are accessories that best express the elegance that requires an important occasion. If we talk about man’s clothing, the man’s bow tie has always been recognized as a symbol of 360 ° refinement and from today it is possible to get to know this timeless accessory more closely thanks to the Marzù e-commerce site. This site was created with the intention of promoting its man’s bow ties characterized by an undisputed charm, capable of adding a touch of absolute class even to formal evening dresses such as tuxedos and tait. Structured into categories, the site manages to capture the attention of the customer, to whom he shows his creations, the wooden, silk and jewel bow ties, as well as the history of the brand.

Bow tie man marzù homepage
Marzu.it homepage

The collections: man’s bow ties for formal and evening dress

Marzù man’s bow ties can be viewed in the section of the website entitled “collections“, where the bow tie models created by expert craftsmen carefully selected by the brand are shown. There is Duchessa, a silk bow tie that makes classicism its strong point in terms of style. Then there is Duca Nodo Gioiello, a man’s bow tie that comes from the fusion of soft silk and Murano glass, when softness meets the unique craftsmanship of Murano glass. The latter also features the Duca Gioiello silk bow tie and the Limpero Gioiello wooden bow tie. Each model is accompanied by images that show the elegant effect it is able to confer when worn.

Bow tie man Marzù Duchessa
Bow tie man Duchessa

Marzù world: the philosophy behind every single man’s bow tie

The story that precedes the creation of the first Marzù men’s bow tie is told in “The style of the brand”. The story also highlights the success that these bow ties have had from the first moment, when Vito Marzullo wore his personalized bow tie for an important ceremony, during which the compliments were not long in coming. The definitive triumph of the style and quality of Marzù man’s bow ties was also found at national and international fashion events, thanks to which Marzù is able to fully convince Italian and foreign customers, many of whom are interesting to sell these men’s bow ties in their own boutiques . What is convincing is the refinement in terms of materials, selected with great care and processed with equal skill: for this reason, the importance and priceless value of Made in Italy, synonymous with the highest quality at an international level, is enhanced on the site. Focusing on Made in Italy means guarantee of success and Marzù men’s bow ties are an example.

Bow tie man Duca Nodo Gioiello Marzù
Bow tie man Duca Nodo Gioiello

The expression of style: the strong points of Marzù men’s bow ties

No matter the material with which it is made: a wooden or Marzù silk bow tie can enrich the evening dress that we have chosen for a special event, without being excessive, but with the only force of style, materials and workmanship. The Gioiello men’s bow ties, from the Limpero and Duca lines, present the particularity of Murano glass, an element that brings value and refinement. This glass, worked for hundreds of years on the island of Murano, certainly represents one of the strengths of Marzù creations, able to increase the exclusivity of man’s bow ties, all the more because it contains thin 24-karat gold or silver leaves. Not all accessories have the ability to “dress a suit”: in the section thus entitled, contained in the “expression of style”, the men’s bow tie is enhanced as a decorative element of an evening dress. You know, a men’s suit leaves no room for anything else, as it does for women, who can enhance the outfit with jewelry and accessories. Instead, the Marzù bow ties manage to satisfy those who do not want to go unnoticed in important moments of life. If the goal is to leave a mark, then we recommend getting kidnapped by the Marzù universe by visiting the Marzu.it website.

Limpero Gioiello Bow tie
Limpero Gioiello bow tie

Marzù Blog, to stay up to date on the latest trends

The e-commerce site for men’s bow tie Marzù reserves a section completely dedicated to new trends, tips and news in men’s fashion. It is one of the first blogs dedicated to man. To be more precise, the blog will focus on the world of accessories for the contemporary man, increasingly demanding and attentive to his own style.

If you want to stay up to date, follow the Marzù blog!

Limpero Gioiello
Limpero bow tie

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