Jewel Bow Tie

The bow tie that dresses the dress

The unforgettable bow tie!

The bow tie is much more than a simple clothing accessory since it becomes a jewel. An element of distinction for men elegance making the wearer the protagonist.

Precious materials come together to create a unique and inimitable bow tie.

The search for detail, the experience of master craftsmen in the care and workmanship of the finest elements, the elegant and refined design.


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  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0306 - Seta nera - vetro celeste foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Duca gioiello - DGB0310 - Seta Blu - - vetro blu con foglia argento 925 1
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0309 - Seta Nera - - vetro nero con foglia argento 925
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0305 - Seta nera - vetro topazio e ambra foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0304 - Seta nera - vetro nero con gocce rosse con foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0301 - Seta nera - vetro avorio con foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Papillon Duca nodo Gioiello - DNN0203 - Nodo Nero e Argento 925
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