Artisan Creations

The high standards of craftsmanship express Marzù’s production philosophy. The craftsmanship is an absolute guarantee of quality in each of the phases, combined with the excellent quality of the materials used in the creation of men’s bow ties. For this reason, owning a Marzù accessory means enjoying a product of the highest quality and aesthetically inimitable.

The cutting and sanding of ebony or olive wood are among the most delicate phases of the entire production process since the skilled work of the craftsman leaves indelible marks, which make each individual piece unique. Moreover the wooden surface is treated with ecological products in three distinct phases, interspersed with each other for 48 hours of waiting. The masters proceed with polishing, carried out with a soft woolen fabric that eliminates any residue of dust. Finally, the hot stamping represents the final touch which, like a signature, sanctions the craftsmanship and quality of the product.

Silk processing is a craft of art, a true Made in Italy production excellence with world-class exports. The silk manufacturing process is rather complex. Each phase is carried out to ensure the highest quality of the finished product, starting from the first two stages, the twisting and hoarding, essential for strengthening the yarn and preparing it for weaving, or, if the yarn is imported from abroad, the work of the chain begins directly with the spinning process. From here the first textile product is obtained, subjected to further ennobling processes such as dyeing, printing and finishing.

Como silk thus arrives in the hands of the artisans of Marzù, who use it for the achievement of the men’s bow tie collar, through the rigorously hand-stitching, delicate and precise at the same time, and subsequently fixed to the bow tie.

Enriching a men’s bow tie with Murano glass means giving it a refined allure, even more if Murano glass is embellished with gold leaves. In his craftsmanship, indeed, the master glassmaker places the gold (or silver) leaves on top of a glass core and subsequently covers them with a layer of transparent glass.


The gold leaf is made from the figure of the “gold beater“, who beats gold bars until obtaining sheets so thin as to border on transparency. The preciousness of gold in the exclusivity of a men’s bow tie with Murano glass can give emotions that are difficult to forget even in the smallest details.

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