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Our men's bow tie is not simply a memorable accessory: in Como silk variants, in wood or embellished with Murano glass, Marzù bow tie dresses an evening gown or a tuxedo drawing the attention on the details that make it an accessory of class. Sophisticated and eclectic, Marzù men's bow ties are the perfect seal to sublimate important ceremonies, reinterpreting the style of special occasions. We know how difficult it is for men to embellish a formal or evening dress compared to women, without falling into excess: with classic or jewel bow ties, the man who wants to be elegant has one more chance to catch the eye.

Elegance is an easily reached quality if you wear a silk or jewel bow tie on an evening dress. But it is essential that the accessory well fits the face and, even more, the shirt design. In this regard, it is essential to opt for shirts with a narrower collar, for example a French or club collar. It is absolutely to avoid the button-down ones, or the collars that have a buttonhole on the tips, to be fixed to the button sewn in the shirt part below, and those in Korean style.

One of the many things Italians can be proud of is Made in Italy, a brand to be protected in all its forms and which is part of the cultural tradition of Belpaese. Marzù men's bow ties reflects tradition because primarily they are entirely made in Italy, but above all because all its components are created by the skilled hands of the craftsmen, the true custodians of Made in Italy.