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Entirely handmade by skilled Italian craftsmen, Marzù men's bow tie is an exclusive Made in Italy product. From accessories in fine silk, our men's bow ties are transformed into precious gems: Gioiello bow ties of Limpero and Duca line are decorated with Murano glass and 24-karat gold leaf. This finish is entirely made by Murano master glassmakers, an island near Venice, according to a high-quality craftsmanship and ancient tradition, known and appreciated all over the world.
To the craftsmanship of Murano glass details you must add the most varied shades, ranging from black to bronze, from red to blue to green. The original design and the softness of the shapes make Marzù men's Gioiello bow tie stand out for grace and refinement, with an eye to comfort. Each Gioiello bow tie is a unique piece, finished in every detail with skill and passion. Dedicated to the classy man, who wants to leave his mark in important moments.


Limpero Gioiello Bow Tie

A tangible expression of class and elegance, Limpero Gioiello men's bow tie manages to make the most of an evening or ceremony dress of the most classic, thanks to the touches of colour of Murano glass and its stylized lines. The latter in turn contain intense flashes, which arise from the iridescent contrasts between Murano glass and the leaves in 24 carat gold or silver.


Duca Gioiello Bow Tie

For those who cannot give up the classic bow tie but at the same time are attracted by unusual combinations, Duca Gioiello men's bow tie represents a splendid compromise. Indeed, it is characterized by the palpable softness of Como silk, which gently wraps Murano glass with gold leaf, playing on contrasts that are difficult to forget.


Duca Nodo Bow Tie

Simply irresistible in its evident lightness, Duca Nodo Gioiello bow tie represents the perfect choice if you want to focus on an understated sobriety, able to communicate refinement in its simplest form. The presence of silk prevails over Murano glass, but the result settles on very high standards of elegance.