Duca Gioiello Collection

Elegance is best expressed in Duca Gioiello, a precious as well as refined men’s bow tie.

The expert hands of the artisans give shape to the renowned Como silk, to create a silk bow tie that encloses another, in artistic Murano glass, guaranteed by the consortium of the same name. The straight edges and the 24 carat gold or silver leaf make this men’s bow tie the quintessence of Made in Italy devoted to masculine elegance. The collar is made of silk and equipped with sliders that allow a customizable adjustment.

  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0306 - Seta nera - vetro celeste foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Duca gioiello - DGB0310 - Seta Blu - - vetro blu con foglia argento 925 1
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0309 - Seta Nera - - vetro nero con foglia argento 925
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0305 - Seta nera - vetro topazio e ambra foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0304 - Seta nera - vetro nero con gocce rosse con foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0301 - Seta nera - vetro avorio con foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Duca Gioiello - DGN0308 - Seta nera - Murrina nera marmorizzata 1
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