Limpero Cufflinks Collection

Limpero cufflinks are born from the union of precious elements for a unique and refined style.

A small accessory can help make the difference: this is what happens when you choose to pair Limpero cufflinks with Marzù men’s bow tie. As with our jewel bow ties, cufflinks are also characterized by the presence of ebony wood and the precious Murano glass, embellished with charm thanks to the gold leaf. Thanks to the rounded corners, Limpero cufflinks have an attractive shape, which manages to enhance the precious materials totally Made in Italy.

  • Gemelli - GON0604 - Gemelli Ebano argento vetro nero foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Gemelli - GAB0605 - Gemelli Ebano argento vetro blu foglia argento 925 1
  • Gemelli - GOA0601 - Gemelli Ebano argento vetro avorio foglia oro 24kt 1
  • Gemelli - GOR0603 - Gemelli Ebano argento vetro rosso con foglia oro 24kt 1
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