Made in Italy

One of the many things Italians can be proud of is Made in Italy, a brand that fully embodies the global concept of quality, professionalism and charm, to be protected in all its manifestations.

The expression Made in Italy has been affixed by Italian manufacturers since the 1980s as part of a process of re-evaluation and defense of the Italian nature of products to cope with the growing fake industry, especially in the fashion and furniture sectors.

This is because abroad, Italian products have always been perceived as an expression of creativity, durability and quality of construction, with consequent commercial advantages. This prompted the Italian parliament to approve a law for the protection of Made in Italy in 2009: the Made in Italy brand has become a fundamental requirement for exports and it is so well known worldwide that it is considered as a commercial category in itself.

Marzù brand reflects the tradition expressed by Made in Italy because primarily its men’s bow ties are entirely made in Italy, but above all because all the components of each men’s bow tie are shaped by the skilled hands of the craftsmen, the true custodians of Made in Italy.

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