Duca Gioiello – Black silk, light blue Murano and 24kt gold leaf


Duca Gioiello Exclusive men’s bow tie in black silk, light blue Murano glass with 24kt gold leaf.

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Duca Gioiello – Black silk, light blue Murano and 24kt gold leaf

Unique men’s bow tie in black silk and blue Murano glass and 24kt gold leaf. Perfect with clothes and gloves. The Duca Gioiello bow tie is an exclusive and inimitable model designed to accessorize refined men’s clothing, such as a tuxedo. Completely in black silk with adjustable hooks and sliders. Central arch set in certified and guaranteed Murano glass.

Product features

Jewel Duke Papillon – Art. DGN0306
Fabric: Black silk
Decorative bow: Murano glass and 24kt blue gold leaf.


Handcrafted products – Made in Italy.
All components are made with original and certified first choice materials. Each men’s bow tie has characteristics different from the others that derive from the craftsmanship and make it unique.


The bow ties are kept in real boxes, as if they were precious stones, handmade and personalized with the MARZU ‘brand.

Delivery time

Being an artisanal product with attention to the smallest details, the various processing stages require the necessary time.

The usual time for product delivery is 15 working days. You can contact us in advance to know the immediate availability of the chosen product.

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