The Brand’s History​

A brilliant idea is something unexpected, as a natural consequence of an innate passion. This is what happened to Vito Di Prenda, lover of bow ties since his childhood, who one day gives shape to his idea of bow ties.

Vito di Prenda marzù

The occasion is an important ceremony, for which he wants to wear an exclusive accessory to embellish the outfit with originality and elegance. Thanks to the precious help of his mother, Mrs. Pina Marzullo, the bow tie of his dreams comes to reality: a model with a minimalist design and the result of meticulous work done by skilled craftsmen. The success of the bow tie is immediate. Everyone wants to purchase it.

That’s how the company MVM MARZULLO was raised, by the will of Mrs. Pina and all her three kids, Mariangela Vito and Martina. Passion and creativity are the ingredients at the basis of the concept, which slowly sees more and more precious and exclusive reworkings of the bow tie, by virtue of a constant search for fine materials and painstaking workmanship.

Important milestones also come from prominent fashion events, nationally and internationally, in which MVM Marzullo takes part, and which allow the brand to conquer Italian and foreign customers, as well as prestigious boutiques and jewelers.

Stile del brand

Nothing is left to chance. Even the brand, created by the engineer and architect G. Tartaglia, is the result of study and creativity: indeed, he combines the image of a stylized butterfly with the symbol of infinity, while the initials of the names Mariangela, Vito and Martina, are harmonized to create towers projected towards infinity. All this encloses an inverted em

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